Emmis classic Hühnersuppe – simply

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In the case of the classic chicken soup it is quite simple. She has a consistently positive reputation, and is among the most very popular 😉 . No wonder, she is not only very tasty but also a little power package. The already knew my grandmas and my mom. I myself remember to like and full of melancholy to this feeling, when I was cared for with a dripping nose with a hot, delicious chicken soup you. And schwuppdiewupp I was healthy again. Well, quite so quickly, it was not 😉 .


But the fact is that chicken soup has a proven beneficial effect in the case of the common cold, because during Cooking of the Suppenhuhns of the protein cysteine in the broth. The protein acts as an anti-inflammatory and can help quickly restore healthy.


The nice thing is, the classic chicken soup is incredibly easy, you only need your time and a insanely large pot (at least 8 to 10 Liter capacity). After all, a whole chicken plus vegetables in the pot so it should fit, so it is also worth 😉 . In fact, it is advisable to have a real soup-to-use chicken for the classic chicken soup. Soup chickens are not chickens, but hens out of service, usually between 12 and 15 months old. They bring in the rule to the 2 kg and more on the Dare, and their meat has a high fat content, the supplies for the soup an intense flavor.


What You should know, that the chicken soup-the meat is tender due to the cooking not great. It is the reason, consistency is hard to be tough and it is through the process of cooking, only soft. Nevertheless, it is tasty and You can have it for the soup itself, as a Deposit to use, and what is left in a chicken-Frikasseee or chicken salad process. It is very important that You put the chicken in the pot with cold water and slowly heated. Otherwise, the valuable protein coagulates Inside before it has to give all the best. Your classic chicken soup should simmer without a lid just long. The ascending cloudy substances, always skimming, so that the soup is nice and clear. The beautiful yellow color of the chicken soup owes the onion, You give into it. The bigger the more, the Golden yellow of the soup.

I bought a few years ago, by the way, a very, very large pot. I know I debated back and forth whether I really need it. But this is not like with many other things, you need them often, but when you need it, it is very glad, that you 😉 .

For more healthy soup recipes are my Allgäuer potato soup with carrots, leek and Emmental cheese , or my quick pizza soup climbers type.

Emmis classic chicken soup - very easy

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PREPARATION2 hours 30 minutes
SERVINGS8 servings




    • 1 soup chicken ca, 2.2 kg (like Bio) - easier to go in the pot, if it is halved or quartered is
    • 1 unit of soup vegetables: 1 leek, celeriac (about 150g), 1 large carrot, cauliflower (approx. 150g) - cleaned/peeled and coarsely small
    • 1 piece of parsley root (approx. 50g) - peeled and coarsely diced
    • 1 piece of ginger (approx. Thumb size) - Wipe/shell scrape and cut into slices
    • 1 onion, medium to large in size (like organic) - with shell! Washed, halved
    • 1 Bay leaf
    • 2 cubes chicken broth (bouillon cubes or homemade) - broth-amount/1 litre of liquid
    • 1 TBSP Peppercorns, white or black
    • 1 TBSP salt


    • Vegetables of your choice, e.g. carrot, cauliflower, or peas
    • Soup noodles
    • Parsley or chives, fresh - finely cut


    • The chicken thoroughly rinse and wash off. If you like, You can remove the grease gland (rump), if still present, which is especially a lot of fat.
    • The soup green to prepare: leeks, clean and cut into slices, celery and carrot , peel and coarsely chop the cauliflower , wash and chop it up roughly.
    • The ginger , wash and slices cut (You can also the shell with the knife to scrape off), the parsley root , peel and roughly dice the onion just bowl cut it in half.
      NOTE: The onion bowl, which is by the way for the Golden yellow color of the chicken soup responsible. So the bigger the onion, or the more onion the more yellow the color.
    • Now You give the chicken soup and all the vegetables in a large pot and pour about 5 litres of cold water into it (the chicken should be covered with water to be). On the stove slowly heating up to the boiling point.
      IMPORTANT NOTE: The soup of chicken with cold water is placed and heated slowly, otherwise will curdle the valuable protein "cysteine" in the Interior before it is sucked is.
    • Now, 1 TBSP salt, 1 TBSP Peppercorns, 1 Bay leaf, the chicken broth and about 2 hours without a lid and gently boil/garziehen can.
    • The ascending foam (suspended solids) with a small sieve , skim off in order to clear. At the beginning, which is quite a lot, and then it will become less and less.
    • After the cooking time You take the chicken from the pot and remove the meat from the bone. In bite-sized pieces cut, and set aside.
      NOTE: What is the meat of what part of the piece, and especially how much You for Your soup as a Deposit to use of course You can decide for yourself. The meat is suitable for casserole or chicken salad.
    • Now, are You watering the soup through a sieve into another pot to. The vegetables You can now remove or eat 😉 . It is, however, drained a lot, and everything made Good.
      1. TIP: You now have a large quantity of clear, healthy chicken soup, You can remove and for next Time, with or without meat is best in a freezer-grade plastic container to freeze.
      2. TIP: If You make the chicken soup better with less fat, You can it over night to cool and the solidified fat on the surface has been formed, the next day remove. Or a fat separator jug if You have one.
    • The chicken soup with vegetables to your liking and mount it again according to the cooking time, al dente, boil: for example, small carrot cubes or cauliflower florets about 2-5 minutes. Soup noodles according to package directions.
    • Finally, the meat and mix in to taste with fresh parsley or chives and sprinkle. I wish You a good appetite.


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